Sea Glass Goddess


Purely organic and environmentally responsible,  I only use genuine sea glass and American sterling silver in my jewelry.

Sea Glass is a precious treasure and a colorful preservation of our nation’s history. Each piece has had its own unique journey and story to tell.

Once “one man’s trash,” sea glass is a product of discarded bottles, containers, tableware, and other glass from eroding waterside landfills, as well as oceans and lakes that were once used to dump garbage. Each piece has spent several decades tumbling in the ocean, where nature’s hand gives it its trademark frosty gem finish. All of the imperfections you see, odd shapes, and inconsistencies are just the honest, untouched, unaltered beauty of pure authentic sea glass. Sea glass is now highly sought after and is rapidly becoming a rare find as we continue to become a more eco-conscious society.

I have been beach combing since I was a child on the shores of Lake Erie. I now have a small silversmithing studio that I work out of in my home in Atlantic Beach, Florida. I create my jewelry designs around my personally discovered sea glass from my local beach walks and wherever I travel. Most of my sea glass comes from our beaches all around Florida, the great Pacific Coast of California, and Lake Erie in Michigan and Ohio.

My jewelry can be purchased online in my ETSY shop, through my Facebook page, or in person at the North Beaches Art Walk in Neptune Beach, Florida, the third Thursday of every month from 5 – 9 PM. You can also keep up with my sea glass adventures via Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Yes, I’m all over the social media thing. Most recently, Sea Spirits Gallery in St. Augustine now carries my jewelry as well.

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